Entering the freelance market can be nerve-wracking. Self-doubt regarding competency, financial stability, and reputation management plague every entrant into the contingent labor workforce. However, all of these fears—while rational—are not nearly insurmountable.

If you’re uneasy about taking the plunge into the freelance marketplace, here are the best reasons to invest in yourself and make the change.

Labor Of The Future


Freelance work is projected to become the dominant labor workforce in the United States within the next decade. In 2017, the number resides at 36 percent, an already massive chunk of the national labor market.

As automation begins limiting the quantity of traditional jobs on the market, workers are moving into independent contracting more than ever. The model is growing, and it is a lifestyle that can be more than just a supplement—it’s sustainable. The 2017 MBO Partners State of Independence Report detailed how some full and part-time independent workers considered themselves financially stable, and even prosperous. The study found 36 percent of part-time and 43 percent of full-time contractors stated they were making more money in the contingent labor force than they were in the traditional one.

While starting out is tough, once you get your experience and brand established, the work is out there to take. In the technology field, it’s particularly important to get your identity and brand established in the coming years. As Forbes recently discussed, the positions most protected from automation in the future will be those that deal in abstract creations.

Project managers, engineers, and developers will have an easier time finding work in the future. If you’re looking to expand your expertise and develop a wide history of work to setup your own career’s future, freelance is the bridge to get you where you need to go.



Your calendar truly becomes your calendar again when you freelance. As long as you are responsive and meet deadlines, work hours are malleable to your desires. For those with families or significant others, freelance flexibility allows you to balance work and home life as your relationships need. Alternating 60 and 20-hour weeks is possible if you want additional funds for a vacation one week, but want to spend time with the kids during the next.

The flexibility has a measured benefit to your health as well. The MBO study found 77 percent of freelancers were happier than they had been in traditional jobs. With this schedule, you are no longer beholden to any industry’s “busy season”—once you establish yourself with a reputation for good products, work frequency varies with your planner, not the weather.

It also means you don’t have to make the jump from full-time traditional work to full-time independent work. 2017’s numbers show 49 percent of the part-time contingent labor force also held a traditional full-time job, with the other 51 percent holding another part-time job. While the change might seem drastic, in truth freelance work can take whatever form you desire.

Work With Passion


Freelance work provides the ultimate autonomy of your labor. You will not be forced to do work you don’t want to, aren’t trained for, and aren’t getting paid for. Through freelance work, you are not held responsible for anything outside of your comfort zone.

Your passion is also your most profitable asset. The contingent labor market is built on the premise of specialized, task-specific contracts, and honing what you care about literally makes your time and effort more valuable.

Freelancing also allots the opportunity to use your experience and skillset as expansion tools into a field you care about. If your work history is in the healthcare field, but you see a need for your skillset in a field you love, like education or government, you can pursue those without fear because you can perform the specific job they need. Freelancing grants you the chance to cross-build knowledge and history across industries, which simultaneously boosts your personal brand’s value on the market.

Be Proud Of Your Work


Your work will become better when you have the ability to work exclusively on what you want, when you want to. This is partially because each contract is an investment; freelance workers need client testimonials and reviews to survive in the market.

While salaried employees may go through peaks and valleys in work quality, the freelance ecosystem is built on client reviews. To be a savvy contractor, you have to exceed a company’s project expectations, not just meet them.

However, pressure can work toward your benefit. Apart from creating work you are proud of, your better work will lead to better offers, and subsequently better pay. If you’re determined and choose your projects wisely, each contract can be a rung on your career ladder instead of a bump in the road.

Start In The Right Place


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