Very few people ever find their “dream job.” Most of us take the good with the bad, tolerating tasks we feel are wasteful, pointless, or simply beneath our skill level. It is very close to impossible to find everything you want in any given job. In the past decade it’s also frustrating to think that decisions regarding your future are being made in a boardroom somewhere. This is why so many experts like you are choosing to join the ranks of the Gig Economy, becoming freelance on-demand professionals. They get to pick and choose which engagements to accept. They are in control of how, when, and where they get to work. They also get to decide which skills and technologies to add to their own portfolio of skills and expertise. Learn how to build your Portfolio Career and enjoy the advantages of the Gig Economy.

Who would you most prefer to work for? Yourself, of course.

You’re not alone! Not even close. According to an April 2018 article in Harvard Business Review (HBR), (There is) a burgeoning segment of the workforce loosely known as the gig economy. Approximately 150 million workers in North America and Western Europe have left the relatively stable confines of organizational life — sometimes by choice, sometimes not — to work as independent contractors. Some of this growth reflects the emergence of ride-hailing and task-oriented service platforms, but a recent report by McKinsey found that knowledge-intensive industries and creative occupations are the largest and fastest-growing segments of the freelance economy.”


Strategic Path to the Gig Economy


HBR surveyed a wide variety of independent consultants actively working in the gig economy and offer some advice for those wishing to join. “We discovered that the most effective independent workers navigate this tension with common strategies. They cultivate four types of connections — to place, routines, purpose, and people — that help them endure the emotional ups and downs of their work and gain energy and inspiration from their freedom. As the gig economy grows worldwide, these strategies are increasingly relevant.”

Technology professionals who are most attracted to the gig economy have:

  • Grown bored with administering the same network day-in and day-out
  • Want more control over their own destiny and the expansion of their skills
  • Crave new experiences, new opportunities and interesting challenges all the time

According to Entrepreneur magazine there’s great reason to be. They report that work in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paying, on average, about $115/hour. Blockchain jobs pay $87/hour. Security penetration testing averages $67/hour. These billable rates are nothing to sneeze at!

Those still working in a classic corporate employment setting and considering a move to independent contracting have several concerns related to the relationships with place, routines, purpose, and people described by HBR. While some aspects of having a manager haven’t always been a positive experience, others were. Coaching, for example. Having someone to help guide you along your path, evaluate your work, be there to turn to when you need assistance, is valuable. As a gig-worker often you are all on your own so where are those intrinsic values going to come from? Who’s going to help you determine what training to take and how to build your own portfolio of services? Most importantly, where’s the work going to come from?


Get Your Answers Before You Make Your Move


Once you’ve become your own businessperson you’ll find yourself thinking very differently about how you operate. You’ll develop a new appreciation for the importance of finding and developing resources, especially those that will help you get everything done that is not part of delivering services to clients. The things you’ll be too busy to attend to.

The responsibility of spreading your brand, marketing what services you are qualified to provide, and finding your next contract project is completely in your own hands.

Ask any independent contractor what their biggest challenge is, and they’ll more than likely start with the challenge of doing the work and finding new work at the same time. You’re only one person. If your time is 100% billable, when are you going to be calling other clients and contacts to locate your next engagement?


After that, they’ll very likely list doing paperwork, bookkeeping, following up on phone calls, applying for all kinds of things, and much more. Ultimately your greatest success brings with it your biggest challenges, all based on a lack of time.

In all fairness, be warned that I’m going to talk a bit about my organization in the next paragraph, but it’s because I’m passionate about the fact that the entire Techadox team are highly invested in helping you build your own successful portfolio career -and the TDX Platform is a powerful tool to help you make that success happen.


Meet the TDX On-Demand Talent Pool


Created by a team of experienced technology industry executives, the TDX Talent Pool is designed to provide independent contractors with all the benefits of being employed, without being employed. Some of the highlights of the relationship that is created between gig-economy technology experts and TDX include:

  • We find you projects that will challenge you, excite you, and pay you well.
  • We know what kind of projects you seek because we take the time to get to know you well beyond what’s listed on your resume.
  • Our sales team is constantly seeking new work for you while you focus on the project at hand.
  • Our seasoned experts provide you with the kind of training you want to take you where you want your career to go. Our goal is to help you expand your own portfolio of services that we can engage you to perform for clients.
  • Whether you’re currently working on a project for us or not you always have access to our management team to discuss issues, questions, plans, or anything else that is important to your career.
  • Your only financial relationship is with us. We bill the client, so you don’t have to do bookkeeping for dozens or hundreds of different accounts. Just one, Techadox. And we provide all the reports you need to confirm you’ve been paid for everything you’ve done.
  • We’re here to help you develop your business as a freelance technology resource. We develop a personal relationship with each of our independent partners, helping them become the best they can be so we can put them into more and more challenging projects.

We provide a place to call home base, help you handle the routines that keep you on track, the people to help you, and everything you need to maintain a strong sense of personal purpose as you build your portfolio career.


Talk to Techadox


Your path to the gig-economy begins with a simple phone call to the Techadox team. Talk to us. Ask your questions. Get your answers. Only when you feel comfortable will we start helping you claim your freedom and set you out on the path to your new, independent portfolio career.

The TDX Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.

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