Why Does Your Competition Keep Beating You?

Recognizing why your competition is beating you is the first step in getting on top in your market and receiving the freelance work opportunities you want and deserve.

Why it is Really Important to “Fix the Customer First”

When managing your relationship with a customer, it’s easier to transform the things you “should” do into the things you “must” do when you remember this simple fact – nothing else happens without them.

Preparing a Winning Online Profile for Yourself

Companies don’t engage you for you. They engage you for what you can do for them. Successful freelancing only works when individuals and companies can connect easily and quickly. Learn why your online profile isn’t simply a resume, it’s a key marketing tool.

“SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Why You Need Your Own Jerry Maguire

You are incredibly talented. You have some of the best “tech chops” in the business. But how does it sound when you tell that to prospective clients? And when do you have time to find prospective clients to sell yourself to? Here’s why every IT tech superstar needs their own “Jerry Maguire” to show them the way to the money.