Effective Management of On-Demand Professionals

One of the advantages of using On-Demand Professionals is that you don’t need to worry about the complexities of W2 employee management. On the other hand, when dealing with someone you don’t personally know it can be difficult understand how to motivate them and ensure you’re getting their best work. Here are some strategies for overcoming that challenge.

Potential Risks to Avoid When Using On-Demand Professionals

You know the advantages of using On-Demand Professionals. But do you fully understand risks associated with outsourcing and how to effectively mitigate those risks?

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

It’s important to measure and evaluate service metrics when utilizing on-demand professionals for IT service dispatch calls so that you can repeatedly engage the best professionals available, thus ensuring that your customers are up and running as soon as possible.

Why Join the Gig Economy: The Lure of Building a Portfolio Career

Very few people ever find their “dream job.” Most of us take the good with the bad, tolerating tasks we feel are wasteful, pointless, or simply beneath our skill level. This is why so many experts like you are choosing to join the ranks of the Gig Economy, becoming freelance on-demand professionals. Learn how to build your Portfolio Career and enjoy the advantages of the Gig Economy.

Why You Want to Negotiate the Rate

There are only two ways to increase profit. One is to increase revenue, and the other is to reduce costs. When engaging On-Demand Professionals, how you negotiate their rate significantly impacts both the overall cost of your project and the extent to which you may have to monitor the quality of the work performed. Learn more about how to maintain that balance in which everybody wins; you, your On-Demand Professionals people, and your customers!

Using On-Demand Professionals to Help You Scale Painlessly

There are many events that can bring about the opportunity to scale. A major contract. A new project. Mergers and acquisitions. Often, managing the cost and complexity of scaling can hamper the full realization of the opportunity. Leveraging a on-demand, non-employee workforce can help you conquer those limitations

Temporary Personnel are Part of Your Profit Calculation – Set Your Standard at 100% Utilization

Costing is more complex in the service business. The impact of your utilization percentage on service delivery cost calculations is significant. 100% utilization IS possible through Labor-as-a-Service contingent professionals. Just like the cloud, you only pay for what you use.

“SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Why You Need Your Own Jerry Maguire

You are incredibly talented. You have some of the best “tech chops” in the business. But how does it sound when you tell that to prospective clients? And when do you have time to find prospective clients to sell yourself to? Here’s why every IT tech superstar needs their own “Jerry Maguire” to show them the way to the money.

Businesses Should Look to the Freelance Economy to Deliver Superior Field Service Outcomes

–NICK HEINZMAN with SPEND MATTERS Managing a modern-day field service function presents numerous challenges to business leaders. Consistently getting the right person for a service request to the right place at the right time has only become more difficult in today’s hyper-competitive, on-demand business environment. Because of this, field services spend, which often includes services essential to… Continue reading Businesses Should Look to the Freelance Economy to Deliver Superior Field Service Outcomes

Independent Workers Feeling More Secure

The 2018 MBO Partners State of Independence in America paints a nuanced picture of the 42 million Americans who work independently as independent professionals, contractors, consultants, freelancers, side giggers and more.   In this eighth year of the report, the longest-running comprehensive look at the independent workforce, American independents emerge as strong, mature, and satisfied.  Even… Continue reading Independent Workers Feeling More Secure