Why Does Your Competition Keep Beating You?

Recognizing why your competition is beating you is the first step in getting on top in your market and receiving the freelance work opportunities you want and deserve.

Will You Feel Comfortable Putting On-Demand Professionals in Front of Your Clients?

“Fix the Customer First” is one of the first admonishments every service professional receives. Making sure the customer is fully informed and comfortable with the progress of the work is critical to maximizing customer satisfaction. When you evaluate On-Demand Professionals you are considering engaging, do you focus on their interpersonal skills? Can you feel comfortable… Continue reading Will You Feel Comfortable Putting On-Demand Professionals in Front of Your Clients?

Effective Management of On-Demand Professionals

One of the advantages of using On-Demand Professionals is that you don’t need to worry about the complexities of W2 employee management. On the other hand, when dealing with someone you don’t personally know it can be difficult understand how to motivate them and ensure you’re getting their best work. Here are some strategies for overcoming that challenge.

Enjoy the Advantages of Employment Without Taking a Full Time Job

Who says you cannot have it all? Just about every technology professional has considered launching out on their own as an independent contractor. Counterbalance these entrepreneurial aspirations with the need for security and consistency and you are left with a conundrum. Or are you?

Preparing a Winning Online Profile for Yourself

Companies don’t engage you for you. They engage you for what you can do for them. Successful freelancing only works when individuals and companies can connect easily and quickly. Learn why your online profile isn’t simply a resume, it’s a key marketing tool.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

It’s important to measure and evaluate service metrics when utilizing on-demand professionals for IT service dispatch calls so that you can repeatedly engage the best professionals available, thus ensuring that your customers are up and running as soon as possible.

Why Join the Gig Economy: The Lure of Building a Portfolio Career

Very few people ever find their “dream job.” Most of us take the good with the bad, tolerating tasks we feel are wasteful, pointless, or simply beneath our skill level. This is why so many experts like you are choosing to join the ranks of the Gig Economy, becoming freelance on-demand professionals. Learn how to build your Portfolio Career and enjoy the advantages of the Gig Economy.

Using On-Demand Professionals to Help You Scale Painlessly

There are many events that can bring about the opportunity to scale. A major contract. A new project. Mergers and acquisitions. Often, managing the cost and complexity of scaling can hamper the full realization of the opportunity. Leveraging a on-demand, non-employee workforce can help you conquer those limitations

Temporary Personnel are Part of Your Profit Calculation – Set Your Standard at 100% Utilization

Costing is more complex in the service business. The impact of your utilization percentage on service delivery cost calculations is significant. 100% utilization IS possible through Labor-as-a-Service contingent professionals. Just like the cloud, you only pay for what you use.