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Useful Tips, Tools and Tactics to Optimize Your Service Business

Maximize Your Professional Services Profitability:  Know Your Costs!
Key to More Engagements – Define What You Do
Why Join the Gig Economy: The Lure of Building a Portfolio Career
Why You Want to Negotiate the Rate
Using On-Demand Professionals to Help You Scale Painlessly
Temporary Personnel are Part of Your Profit Calculation – Set Your Standard at 100% Utilization
“SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Why You Need Your Own Jerry Maguire
Businesses Should Look to the Freelance Economy to Deliver Superior Field Service Outcomes
Independent Workers Feeling More Secure
The Gig Economy and the Rise of Nontraditional Work
New LinkedIn Research: Use of Freelance Labor on the Rise Among U.S. Small Businesses
‘The world is changing:’ Why the contingent workforce isn’t going away

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