When it comes to selecting the your Labor-as-a-Service partner, the details matters more than ever.

Not all platform solutions are created equal, and you need to partner with a company that can reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks like manual data entry or importing multiple files over fragmented platforms. When you’re choosing an On-Demand Labor Marketplace for your contingent labor resources, you’re also selecting that platform’s partner community. For this reason, it’s important to pay close attention to the quality and diversity of the technical partners that engage with your potential platform.
Even more important than streamlining the service dispatch process is to work with a company that understands technical service dispatch operations and builds in access to service desk assistance - putting a real-live human into the closed loop process.

You’ll have to do your homework and weed out platforms that can’t back up their quality claims. Below is additional information that will help you to better understand what makes Techadox so different from other continent labor platforms in the market today.

TDX Ticket Download
Information on our Coordinated Services Option, TDX Ticket
TDX Talent Download
Informational datasheet on our self service model.
TDX Service Builder Download
Informational Datasheet on our service bundles
Get Work Done On Demand - Download
Informational datasheet on the service process flow using the TDX Marketplace

Looking for more information on what makes Techadox so different?

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