Our Services

Managed Labor

Techadox provides a turnkey solution where users define Scopes-Of-Work (SOW) overseen by Techadox's 24/7 Service Desk, track milestones/KPIs, and sign off on completion and payment.

Access to Techadox's network of professional technicians
Detailed progress tracking
Obtain status updates and communicate with your assigned technician through the platform
Users sign off on billable milestones
Define your Scope-Of-Work (SOW)
Full 24/7 Service Desk support
Professional project management


Full project management from Techadox
Invoicing handled by the Techadox team
A pre-determined pricing structure based off of Scope-of-Work (SOW)
Work orders carried out per your request
Users have final say in work order approval
Great for one-off tickets as well as large-scale project rollouts

Self Service

Users browse technician profiles, select resources, dispatch technicians, and manage work orders within Techadox's comprehensive platform!

Direct access to Techadox's network of professional technicians
Define your Scope-Of-Work (SOW)
Obtain status updates and communicate with your selected technician through the platform
Users sign off on billable milestones
Pick the technician that is right for you
Manage events through our comprehensive application


Users manage the work order through Techadox's platform
Once you approve the work order for completion, technicians will be paid from your Techadox balance
Ideal for one-off tickets
Track information and communicate with the technician in our ticketing window
Rates negotiated between Users and Technicians on a case-by-case basis

Techadox's qualified and vetted technicians are capable of servicing all aspects of IT infrastructure.
Whether you have a simple break/fix issue or a project requiring a specialized skillset like fiber cabling,
we have a resource that is right for you!

Industries Served

Financial Services
OEM - Original Equipment Mfg.
Visual Communications

Products Supported

End User Computing
Networking/ Datacenter/ Servers/ Storage
PBX/ IP Telephony/ Low Voltage Cabling
Service Peripherals/Parts
Point of Sale/Kiosk/Self-Checkout
Digital Signage
Security Systems

Proactive Projects

Project Management
Scheduled & Planned Events
New Equipment Rollout/Refresh
Preventive Maintenance

Reactive Projects

Non-Planned Service Events
Break/Fix Events
Mission Critical Support
Alternative Response

If you have a unique issue that you want Techadox to solve, contact sales@techadox.com so that we can craft a solution together.