The Advantages of being a TDX Pro Technician

Work the jobs you want and let us handle the rest
So, you’re ready to grow your practice with Techadox – good move! Utilize our network of businesses to advance your career, control your schedule, and get rewarded for high-quality, meaningful work.

Why Become a TDX Pro?

A Very Different Kind of
On-Demand Labor Experience

Our robust Certified Service Partner program is specifically designed to help our TDX professionals accelerate their business growth. Our TDX Pros have access to a menu of business perks and benefits, thus providing a higher quality service experience than any other on-demand marketplace in the industry.
Our focus is to engage service professionals that are as fanatical as we are about delivering a quality customer experience. All TDX Service Pros must agree to our “Conduct of Service” policy outlining our expectations for each service event or project for which they are engaged - no matter how small or large. We understand our TDX Pro community is comprised of top notch professional technical experts and as a result, we expect a lot from our TDX Pros.

TDX Pro – Individual Technicians

Explore Work Opportunities
Search for opportunities by location, service date, and customer. The TDX Platform matches work orders based on your skills and experience in real time, as clients create them on the TDX Marketplace Platform.
Earn More
Techadox has the lowest project fee* in the industry. Many job boards take 10% or more of the total project cost. Those fees come off of the top of the project cost, before anything is paid to the technician. At Techadox, our base fee is 8% of the project cost and in some cases can be even lower, allowing our community of technicians to earn more on each project.
Showcase Your Skills
Customize your own technician profile with your professional details, skill sets, certifications, equipment, licenses, and portfolio attachments for higher engagement.
Increase Your Productivity and Profitability
Built-in notifications, time trackers, dispatch calendar, GPS mapping and reports keep you in the loop and on task. This all results in a higher number of completed Work Orders and happy clients.
Achieve TDX Pro Preferred Status
Techadox technicians can earn preferred status once a reputation for excellent work is established. Complete 5 jobs through our platform for eligibility to work with our TDX Ticket Service clients on priority projects via our TDX Bench.
Health Benefits, Product Discounts and Support
We offer our TDX Pro technicians and Certified Service Partner access to health benefits and legal services, as well as discounts on technology, certifications and ongoing training through our corporate partners.

TDX Service Partners

The TDX Service Partner Program.
You have more than a place for work at Techadox--you have a place that works for you. With bid partnering, pool your strengths and skills with other Certified Service Partners (CSP) to land more extensive contracts and grow your business.
Grow Your Business with TDX
The more clients you serve through the TDX Platform, the more you’ll gain for your own service practice. We help you build your Service Delivery business so you can meet both your personal and professional goals.
Work Perks
From the lowest project fee in the industry, to bonuses, insurance and health benefits, API integrations, and partner discounts--Techadox provides a rewarding partner program for it's Certified Service Partners
Increase Staff Utilization
TDX Certified Service Partners can choose to enroll their own W2 service technicians on the TDX Marketplace to increase the call volume of their field service technical. Highlighting practice specialties within your TDX Partner Profile may provide opportunities to bid on special projects through our TDX Project Builder program.
Showcase Your Achievements
Are you great at retaining clients? Got a lot of experience with specific technical products? We award Partner badges to celebrate your milestones and help promote your technical certifications and achievements to potential clients.
The Power of Partnering
Finding the right business partner can be like finding a needle in a haystack. When you need to find a trusted partner to collaborate with on complex projects, our TDX Service Builder can help match you to the perfect resource to fill your service gaps.

At Techadox we understand that independent contractors and small business owners face unique challenges, including access to quality heath programs.  Registered TDX Pros and Partners are eligible to participate in affordable supplemental health coverage through Techadox, as well as receive discounts on prescriptions, lab work and hearing tests.

We truly care about our TDX Pros and Partners – CLICK HERE to explore the TDX benefits marketplace and find the program that’s right for you.

TDX Certified Partner Network

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