Why Partner
With Us

We Really Care

What a concept! A national network of vetted technicians and certified service providers that really care about the customer and not just completing the call or project. No more not knowing the status of your service event or project. All TDX Pros are portfolio professionals and provide a wide variety of different skillsets and certifications.  Each TDX Pro has a singular focus on delivering a positive customer experience for both you, our customer, and your end user client.

TDX Pros know the value of delivering responsive service that delivers what customer expect – quality service delivered in a timely manner the needs of the customer. Their dedication to exceeding customer expectations is what makes Techadox the “Amazon” of on-demand labor. This is a key differentiator different from other software based on-demand labor marketplaces.

At Techadox, we really do care about our TDX Pro community.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

Try to imagine asking that question of a website. At Techadox, we are so much more than just a job posting board because we have actual humans in the loop.
Get started by getting to know us. Talk to us. Meet with us virtually or in person. Pummel us with your toughest questions. Test our experience. Measure our know-how. Our leadership is battle-tested with decades of experience in delivering services so we understand YOUR business and what you are looking for from a on-demand partner to accelerate your growth.
A True Partnership. We know your relationship with your client is critical to your business. We never try to make your customer our customer. Our success is based on your client having the perception that you’ve done a great job for them.

The TDX Partner Ecosystem

Grow Your Service Practice
By choosing to participate as a provider in our Service Builder Program, you are eligible for consideration on partnering opportunities with custom projects.
Give Yourself a Raise
At Techadox, we have some of the lowest service fees in industry, providing you with high quality calls that leave more money in your pocket.
TDX Pro Quarterly Newsletter
Specific, tactical, informative and valuable. A quick, easy-to-digest newsletter that keeps you in-the-know and provides insight on how to accelerate your business.
CompTIA Certification Training and Testing
Our strategic partnership with the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) provides you access to cutting edge research and reduced fees on certifications.
TDX Technical Tips
Our mission to provide cutting edge technical knowledge and specific industry information through both valuable original content and the ongoing TDX initiative to build out a robust service knowledge-base for our TDX Pros.
TDX Pro Tech Community
We realize that some of the best information comes from interacting with your peers. Our TDX portal is where TDX Pro’s can connect with other Pros to chat, ask questions and share best practices.

Explore Our TDX Pro Network.

Techadox prides itself on having a Certified Partner Network that provides coverage around the globe, however North America is our home region.

Are you an experienced technician? Learn how you can gain access to hundreds of TDX client projects in your area.