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How It Works

Critical information right at your fingertips.

Tell us about your assignment, the expertise you need and our system will match your requirements to consultants with the relevant skills and experience.
Rest easy as your technician is rapidly deployed to your client site. We'll coordinate the event and provide you ongoing status updates throughout the open call.
Track work progress, resolve issues via chat, close tickets and approve the call with a single click via the TDX Platform.
You approve the TDX Ticket and we debit the negotiated rate from your account. Faster, better payment processing with less administrative burden.
With built in communication tools, our TDX system brings businesses and technicians closer together.
TDX Dashboard functionality provides a quick overview of upcoming work order dates. Users can see key information and quickly drill down into specific items. Dive deeper with our data reporting functionality that shows you everything you have ever done on the
Charts and graphs make it easy to monitor work order status and tech performance, understanding service volume, geographic clustering, payment status and many other common metrics your service organization needs to know in order to stay on-task and on-target.
Need more info? Just click on the corresponding graph or chart and drill into the details.

Work Order Management

The Heart of Service Delivery.
Your Work Order Dashboard provides a real-time view of all your work order activity in one convenient centralized screen. Color coding makes it easy to identify in a glance what stage your work order is at, and alerts you to actions that need to be completed.
Drill down into specific work orders, sort by user or technician, work order status and more.
Simple, color coded and intuitive.

Success Is In The Details

My Work Order provides drill down details into your dispatch service event.
We paid attention to the small details that matter to ensure a smooth, successful service event for you, our TDX Pro, and your client.
Use the milestone progress bar for an at-a-glance status of your ticket. Details of your work order, technical documents and specific work instructions, including photos of the event, can be attached, as well as additional tasks can be assigned as trackable, gated milestones for the onsite TDX Pro.
Our live chat function is available between you and the technician or our TDX Service Desk, based upon your chosen service level.

Making On-Demand Easy

Quickly schedule field technicians, view your work order and customer details all in a single, easy-to-use color coded calendar view. Great for tracking current scheduled work orders and determining windows of need for future jobs, our calendar view helps reduce the risk of overbooking or underbooking on-demand technical resources.
Do you have a large project rollout that spans multiple days and regions of the country? Our dispatch calendar makes it easy to allocate your TDX Pro resources in advance, so you can plan your project and be confident your TDX Pros will be onsite, ready-to-go exactly when you need them.

Hassle-Free Payment Processing

We know how hectic the service business can be, thus we designed a platform that makes paying an independent technician easy, yet protects both you and the TDX Pro.
When you make a deposit to TDX, your funds are secured until the service order is completed. For our clients, this ensures your work order is completed and approved before payment is issued. For the TDX Pro, it’s important to get paid timely and effortlessly, so that both you and the TDX Pro can move on to the next service project on the list.
Total balance on account, allocated funds against active work orders, total spend analysis and more is available through your TDX Platform finance dashboard.

TDX Pro-On-The-Go

Manage and monitor your service event in real-time with TDX Mobile.
Whether Android or iPhone, realtime updates are triggered as service call milestones are marked completed, including onsite technician check in and check out, upload of onsite photos directly to the work order, work instruction task lists, customer approvals, and more.
For the TDX Pro, our mobile application minimizes service delays by automating work order administration, providing GPS enabled driving directions, service parts tracking and service desk live chat to quickly handle on-site questions and escalations, providing a hassle-free service call that results in higher utilization rates.
Efficient. Effective. Real-Time.