Effortless Service Dispatch with TDX Ticket

Simply send your service details direct from your platform and we'll coordinate the rest.


When you open a TDX Ticket, we automate the service dispatch event, assign the right technician, coordinate the onsite call and facilitate the payment process.
When an unexpected problem arises, we’ll figure it out and get it fixed, so you’ll only be engaged with service exceptions or escalations – reducing the ‘hassle-factor’ for your own staff. It’s just that easy to do business with us.


We’ll keep the customer informed. We’ll keep you informed. Just like you, we’ve worked in field services for many years and treat every ticket you open with us as our highest priority.
We understand that knowing the status of your service call is business critical and our automated milestone tracking keeps you informed – in real time.


Send us your service ticket information via email, phone call, or directly from your own field management software program. Our service desk will review your service request and call you if we have any questions.
We’ll enter your work order, find the right resource, dispatch them fully prepared to deliver the service required, and track the call from inception to completion.