Every Project is Different

You live in a world that is far more “custom-fit” than “off-the-rack.” Simply put, one size does not fit all. Every project is composed of many steps, many tasks that all contribute to a great completion. You need resources you can source flexibly working with experts whose experience enables them to appreciate what you need and provide it.
That’s why we created Techadox Project.

Building Blocks

We’ve defined discreet tasks that can easily be assembled into whatever project you are engaged to perform. Consider them to be building blocks for your project, and the Techadox Team is the glue that helps you put them all together to fashion extraordinary project plans.

Mind the Gap

Whether you just simply want to order a service part with your TDX Ticket, or need to fill gaps in a complex service project, we can help.
Bundled with our TDX Ticket option, just add the missing service elements you'll need to assist with your complex rollouts, ITAD, global logistics, or other technical expertise required to enhance your own service portfolio.

Customized and Competitive

With Techadox Project, you get to pick and choose which responsibilities you will keep, and which you will assign to Techadox. We'll match you with a trusted affiliate from our TDX Certified Service Partner network to assist with the build out of your custom service solution.
Whether your need is simply service parts or a complex global service supply chain network, you’ll know your costs in advance so you can track your profitability accurately.

Complex Service Solutions Made Easy with TDX Project.

Interested in Partnering? Register as a TDX Certified Service Partner, complete your partner profile - we'll do the rest!