General Liability Insurance
Techadox's General Liability policy protects you from a variety of claims including property damage and personal injury to others caused as a result of work performed through the Techadox Marketplace.
Professional Liability
Techadox's Professional Liability policy - also known as Errors and Omissions - provides additional protection for negligent services performed through the Techadox Marketplace. It protects you against claims from negligent services provided that caused financial harm due to mistake or failure to perform work.
Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) - Client Option
OAI covers the medical costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation from injuries of an independent contractor who is injured during a contract job. In addition to benefiting technicians, OAI also benefits companies that use contractors by offering claims protection in the event of an accident. Clients who want an extra layer of protection in an event of an accident can add OAI coverage.
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Technicians are responsible for carrying their own Workers' Compensation Insurance to protect themselves and any employees from injuries that may incur.