Are you one of the many who kept holiday gifts at the office, safe from prying eyes? Gig workers know where we are going with this. For those to whom working remotely is a new concept, the need to find a new place to safely stash gifts is just one more of the many challenges the pandemic has brought on. 

Fortunately, the folks at HGTV put their creative minds to the task of finding Genius Spots to Hide Gifts. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for all of you IT specialists and project management pros who are now working from home: 

  • Holiday Storage Bins

Think about it, the kids already pulled all the ornaments, garland and holiday plates out of those bins and boxes where you store the holiday decorations. As far as they know, those bins are empty now and of no interest. HGTV says there’s no need to limit yourself to the Christmas bins, either. “Out of season, out of mind. Storage bins or boxes for seasonal decorations offer a great hiding spot for Christmas gifts,” they say. “Nestle gifts amongst the ceramic pumpkins and fourth of July flags to misdirect mischievous gift seekers.”

  • Drop Ceilings 

This is the reason why you haven’t renovated the house yet and gotten rid of those drop ceilings – they make a great hiding place. “Literally keep gifts out of sight and out of reach by storing them above drop ceiling tiles,” HGTV says. “Carefully lift a tile and slide lightweight presents onto adjacent tiles.” 

  • Spare Tire Well

This one is delightfully devious. As HGTV points out, “Most kids don’t even know about this ultimate hiding spot, and those who do will never suspect their gifts are nestled beneath.”

  • Upper Kitchen Cabinets

“These rarely used storage areas offer a fantastic space for hiding presents that family members of all ages won’t consider,” HGTV wisely points out. 

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year from the tech support and contingent labor specialists at Techadox.