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Not every business is the same. So why should you get IT technical service that's one-size-fits-all? With 50,000+ expert technicians, you get a broad-range of capabilities to support and execute your nationwide IT Operations projects.

We simplify the process of managing IT hardware technology solutions, so you can focus on your core business.

“Techadox made getting our digital menu job done fast and hassle-free. The tech got the work done right every time across several stores and I didn't have to get involved-which left me more time to focus on making this process seamless."

– Loranda D., Regional Operations Director
Quick Service Restaurant


Whether a big box mega-store or a local mom & pop, you can streamline business with high-tech registers, POS systems, contactless hardware, and other hardware solutions to help improve supply chain management logistics. But, you need skilled professionals who understand how to install, deploy, and maintain these system – even seamlessly connect them all. Customers are demanding standout experience and forward-thinking retailers who understand that technology offers a way to engage with customers. Techadox can support the full retail experience with contingent tech labor so you can keep your store's technology working smoothly.


Keeping up with ever-growing office equipment needs is more than challenging for most facilities, operations, and administration managers. Whether it's desktops, laptops, printers or network hardware, firewall hardware, and AV equipment, the growing level of complexity and need to maximize efficiency is more important than ever. You need a Managed Tech Labor partner who offers in-field and remote service support that arms you with the tools to master today's service needs and tomorrow's success.


The healthcare and medical industries commonly need to consider how best to approach field service management. While some medical equipment requires specialized care, everything from the nurses' tablets to imaging to data storage, all must be maintained. Ensuring patients are cared for with safe equipment, that is efficient and effective provides medical personnel with tools for the best patient care. Techadox's on-demand tech talent can help.


For traditional financial institutions and Fintech companies, consumer products like mobile payments, ATMs, credit card security, and electronic transfer can be optimized with Field Service Management hardware support. Techadox can support financial services companies across the US and Canada with gig tech labor to help you keep agile. New ways of boosting productivity and modernizing technology need to stay up and running with tech maintenance and refresh projects related to hardware: data analysis, compliance assurance, secure information storage, and more, across the financial services industry.


In today's telecom industry, carriers are constantly challenged to rationalize networks, and offer improved and expanded services. To thrive, telecom players need to ensure the reliability of network equipment, optimize service operations, and exceed customer expectations. Techadox's Managed Tech Labor and Self Service models can address all elements of your operations, and enable telecom carriers to provide high levels of equipment availability, service efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Today's equipment manufacturers are squarely focused on growing revenue streams, maximizing brand reputation, and providing superior customer service to improve customer loyalty. To meet necessary financial targets, organizations require more efficient processes and improved tech maintenance. Techadox is well-equipped with our Managed Labor and Self Service platform to help you meet your hardware needs. Utilizing our high-quality tech talent helps managers effectively resolve project issues and fill talent gaps, so OEMs can focus on the future and let us take care of today's tasks.


QSRs have had to entirely rethink how they do business, from digital displays, to drive-thru-orders, online purchases, to curbside pick-ups. All are increasingly technology-forward experiences that can benefit from Managed Labor and Self Service Tech Labor. From front-line ordering and payment, customer-facing mobile apps for automated checkout, and grab-n-go convenience, technology hardware solutions are streamlining front and back-of-house operations. Techadox maintenance and refresh talent understands back-end processes and needed hardware improvements for logistics like inventory, staffing schedules, and underlying network hardware connections and we can help when you need us.


Where technology is concerned, SOHO is a term for the small office or home office environment, and a number of businesses and organizations exist to support people who work from home or small offices. The pandemic exacerbated the problem to keep current with technology needed changes. With Techadox, your SOHO can receive professional tech support via help desk and on location support.


While no two data centers are the same, the need to drive costs down while keeping up with technology is always present. Techadox Managed Labor and Self Service Solutions provides the talent you need, from routine maintenance to IMACs. Our techs provide efficient solutions, including tech knowledge about server & storage operations, IT relocation, deployments & staging, as well as removal & recycling. Techadox' responsive and agile customer service help desk can manage ticket cases and can dispatch technician services on-demand for many of the common challenges facing data center infrastructure and operations managers.


Governments-local, state, and federal—are increasingly under pressure to improve service to citizens across the board, while saving on expenditures. We recognize the risks and we also know how to assure quality of services. Techadox can help local administrations, educators, libraries, criminal justice organizations, and other government departments deliver tech services that help you maintain value, protect against outdated hardware breaches, and managed effective change. Our Managed Tech Labor and Self Service solutions manage your need with help desk dispatching for on-site techs, to keep your tech systems running smoothly.


From boardrooms and conference rooms, to auditoriums and art centers, to hospitals and homes, our select group of audio-visual specialists can assist in the installation and integration of many diverse tech solutions, simple to complex. With Techadox, we can manage front-end scheduling and labor, to final completion and testing to ensure that everything comes together when you need it.


When downtime directly impacts the bottom line, operations management and maintenance is critical in the energy industry. Techadox offers oil, gas, mining operations and power generation operators a more effective process. Reduced admin, and have less downtime with Managed Tech Labor or our Self Service solutions. Easily manage your tech operations, projects, and maintenance with work order logistics managed for you while you increase efficiency and secure uptime capabilities.


We provide the talent, you manage the project.

Techadox gives you the choices and the software to assign jobs to field service technicians that you choose, how and when you need them… At no cost to you.