How it Works


Contact the Techadox team here, who will activate your Managed Labor or Self-Service account
Create Tickets and Work Orders through Techadox's platform
Efficiently fulfill your service events
With our Managed Labor service, track your ticket through its stages until completion, then approve it for payment
Self-Service users can manage their work orders within the application itself, enabled by a suite of project management features and an ability to be in constant contact with their technician
Once the service event is completed, rate and review your technician!
Only pay for the work completed to your satisfaction!


Tell Techadox's recruitment team about yourself here, including your skillsets and certifications
Our team will check with the accrediting agencies and verify your account!
Once the account is activated, we've made it easy for you to get a background check through Techadox's platform.
Apply for Work Orders in your area!
Once you begin completing work on the platform, your reputation will grow!
Users can rate and review technician performance, making it more likely that additional opportunities will be routed to you in the future!

Techadox is changing the way that the world interacts with contingent labor. Our platform connects businesses with a network of thousands of technicians, matching users with the resource that is right for them and allowing our clients to manage their work order within the application itself.

Our dedicated recruitment team uses multiple avenues to locate resources around the globe.

Every technician on the Techadox platform is thoroughly vetted, and all technician info is easily accessible via their profile.

With electronic ID badging and full visibility into each resource’s verified skillsets, certifications, and background checks, you can rest assured that you are getting the perfect technician every time.