Every now and then you engage a superstar to provide On-Demand Professional expertise and skills. Perhaps you observe that this professional cranks out the work in record time without compromising quality. Perhaps you see real leadership potential in them that would help you increase quality across your team. Before you rush full steam ahead remember that there are reasons that professionals choose to freelance. Remember also that you and the candidate likely have contractual obligations to consider. Here’s a checklist to make sure you don’t stumble when trying to stride ahead.

“Boy, is that the kind of person I’d like to have on my team full-time!”

Have you ever heard yourself say that about an on-demand IT professional you’ve engaged to do some work for you? Perhaps you’ve hesitated, worrying about how they’d receive such an offer. That’s good! You should hesitate and consider all the ramifications and realities involved in making such a transition.

  • Reasons Why Not

Though you seldom want to begin with a negative, it’s important to consider what will change and what risks may be created when you hire a contractor full-time.

  • Why did you engage them in the first place?

Was it because they had a skillset you didn’t have on staff? Determine how broad your contractor’s skillset is. Do they have broader skills that you can apply? If not, do you have enough business for them to support that specialty?

  • Was it because you were short-handed at the time?

Do you anticipate that your business has grown sufficiently that you will continue to need the extra hands? If not, are you willing to terminate somebody else to make room in your budget? What would the impact of that be on team morale?

  • Was it because you like to use contractors, so you don’t pay salary for idle time?

Oh yeah! That! Has something changed your mind? Or does this person have such qualities to bring that you’re deciding it’s worth the salary?

  • Was it because you needed to provide service in a distant geography?

Will that location provide enough business to support this person full time? If not, will they relocate? Will you have to make that worth their while?

  • Consider why they became a freelance contractor in the first place

There are many reasons IT professionals decide to freelance. Some enjoy greater control over their lives and careers. Some determine they can make more money, even if they have to sacrifice security and some benefits. Some just despise reporting to someone else. Whatever their reasons were, consider the likelihood that those same considerations may come back, making this professional decide the gig-life was better. You may not be able to retain them, and the investments you make in them.

  • Reasons Why

There are many good reasons to encourage an on-demand professional to become a full-time employee.

  • Leadership Qualities

People with the potential to become great leaders aren’t easy to find. If you find an independent contractor who you feel has that potential, consider whether you’d want to have them as a partner, shareholder, or other executive level position that recognizes their leadership value. If you’re right about them you’ll soon need to provide that.

  • Mentorship Qualities

There are some professionals who are very gifted teachers, too. You recognize them when you have members of your staff shadow them and learn from them. It is very possible you can multiply their value by the number of other staff members they can mentor and teach. Compare hiring them to the cost of sending all those people for formal training.

  • Opportunity to Broaden Your Services Portfolio

Sometimes you meet someone who is so good with a particular technology, and so passionate about it that you believe you can build a new business segment from it. Ask yourself, does this person have the business-building skills to provide both sales and technical leadership? Do they have entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have customers who would engage these services? Enough of them? Will you need to hire new salespeople with specific expertise in that technology? Change processes and procedures? A lot of thinking goes into something this significant. Be prepared.

  • Cost Control

The obvious reason, and the one most directly connected to your bottom line, and this decision is pretty much binary. If you have the business to support them, it will yield more profitability to hire them. Otherwise bench time will eat your budget up.

It’s a wonderful problem to have when you contract with someone who is so good you want to hire them. But when things seem wonderful it’s time to channel your inner skeptic. Force yourself to convince yourself and demand good reason from yourself before you move ahead.

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