There are many events that can bring about the opportunity to scale. A major contract. A new project. Mergers and acquisitions. Often, managing the cost and complexity of scaling can hamper the full realization of the opportunity. Leveraging a on-demand, non-employee workforce can help you conquer those limitations.

“Infinitely elastic is something we’re not. It’s self-deceptive to think otherwise, and that self-deception can become very dangerous when you’re tasked with accommodating significant growth,” says global service delivery executive and subject matter expert Sandra Ashworth. “Doing more with less can quickly become overloading for your personnel and you may not find out it’s happening until key talent start to leave your organization.”

Part of the challenge is that hiring additional people may not be a good solution long-term. Often, the need to scale your business happens only for a temporary period, for example during an IT refresh or deployment project.

Using Cloud as a Guide


One of the core principles of cloud computing suggests that when additional resources are needed, they are pulled from a shared pool of available resources, such as storage, memory, or processor power. The requestor simply goes to their self-service portal and makes the request. When they are done using requested resources, they simply release them back into the pool. Given the consumption-based-billing nature of cloud computing this is a necessary process. You only pay for what you use while you’re using it.

Scalability in the context of cloud computing can be defined as the ability of the system to accommodate larger loads just by adding resources.

Anyone who manages a technical team will immediately recognize the value of applying the concepts of cloud computing to human resources. We’ve all experienced periods in which there are more people on staff than there are requirements for service, which results in paying for resources while they are not in use.

The Universally Scarce Resource – Time


The other challenge to hiring W2 staff as a strategy for accommodating increased requirements is the time it takes to hire qualified people.

A literal cavalcade of suppliers have emerged that offer to help with the difficult process of finding and recruiting qualified personnel and this may be a contributing factor to the amount of time it takes to find the best candidate for your need. At the most basic level, some services simply collect resumes in a database and churn them out to hiring managers as requests come in without much vetting or evaluation taking place. In essence, all they have done is saved the hiring manager the expense of advertising an open position in the job marketplace.

With business magazines reporting hundreds of thousands of open tech job positions across the United States that are remaining un-filled, it is clearly more difficult than ever to find the right talent. From job posting to recruiting to negotiating to the period of notice a candidate may have to give their current employer, it can take weeks or even months to secure the right person.

The Best Solution to Scale Painlessly – The On-Demand Professional Talent Pool


Bringing together a group of deeply experienced technology services executives, Techadox has developed the ideal solution for the service manager who needs to scale quickly and effectively. This solution applies the cloud concept of the shared resource pool to highly skilled, on-demand IT technicians.

Similar to cloud computing, employing Labor-as-a-Service™ to scale up quickly means you only pay for who you use while you’re using them.

Techadox constantly develops and expands a talent pool of technology professionals who are available to clients on-demand. The technicians’ register with Techadox and offer their services to the companies that need them. This provides many significant benefits:

  • Every expert included in the talent pool has been interviewed, evaluated, skills level evaluated, and are constantly coached by the Techadox management team.
  • Client management reviews all evaluations and survey data on our web interface.
  • Techadox managers are available to discuss specific needs and recruit resources to assure productive selections.
  • Techadox handles the administration of our on-demand personnel. You simply maintain a balance in your TDX account for us to draw from. That’s it!
  • You receive service dispatch reporting on all actions taken during every dispatch engagement.

Engage as many or as few on-demand professionals as you need for as short or as long as you need. Release them and stop paying for them as soon as their work is completed. Scaling has never been so easy or so flexible.

Visit Techadox today to learn more about how to put our extraordinary On-Demand Talent Pool to work for you!

The TDX Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.