You are incredibly talented. You have some of the best “tech chops” in the business. But how does it sound when you tell that to prospective clients? And when do you have time to find prospective clients to tell it to? Here’s why every tech superstar needs their own “Jerry Maguire” to show them the way to the money.

“SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Everybody remembers this enthusiastic exclamation from the popular 1996 movie “Jerry Maguire.” Maguire made his money promoting sports stars, helping them make a fortune playing for the right teams, representing the right products, and capitalizing on every opportunity.

Why Can’t They Do It Themselves?


Some sports stars could do this themselves, but the majority lack the skills and contacts needed to accomplish their own marketing and promotion strategy. An athlete’s expertise, and value, is in their ability to play their sport. Even those who have the skills don’t do it, because keeping in shape and practicing their sport consumes all of their time. A sports management agent like Jerry, on the other hand, has the skills, has built the contacts, has a good understanding of each sport and why they value specific players, and also has the sparkling personality and intelligence to get the job done.

How Much Billable Time Do You Have


When you made the decision to go independent and become an IT Portfolio ProfessionalSM (aka an independent IT expert) you may not have realized how deeply you limited your available billable hours.

That’s right, limited. When you were employed by a company, you were primarily responsible for fulfilling the assignments you received to produce more billable hours. As an independent freelancer you now have two primary responsibilities. Not only must you deliver the billable hours, you must also sell those billable service hours. In fact, your success often depends more upon your sales efforts than it does your technical skills.

The hardest part about being a contractor is finding work. When you work for yourself, you must fill the roles of executive, business administration, AR/AP, sales, engineering, delivery, and probably a few others.”

Many of you may be horrified by the idea that you are a salesperson. But there is an axiom which tells us that “Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something to Someone.”

Your Own Talent Agent


Just as customers will outsource their IT needs to you, you can outsource your selling requirements too. You just need to find a resource that has the requisite skills, the contacts, the understanding of the IT industry, and the right personality and presentation to proactively promote you to prospective customers.

You need your own “Jerry Maguire”!!

It Takes a Team


Imagine that Jerry played NFL football before becoming a promoter. Now imagine an entire team of Jerry Maguires, except that these are all veteran stars of the IT industry. They know the business. They’ve lived and breathed it for years. They’ve developed an enormous network of contacts who hire experts like you regularly. They speak with them regularly. They are the ideal people to be promoting you to these contacts.

Now imagine that these experienced IT pros have developed a platform that helps them to rapidly identify the best choice of independent IT expert to satisfy any need from any of these contacts. They’ve also made it very easy for them to engage you without all the administrative overhead that usually creates. Wouldn’t it be great to have a team like that as your “Jerry Maguire”?

You can. Reach out to Techadox today. Our robust TDX Platform is specifically designed to help IT professionals accelerate their business growth. Our team is built on a solid foundation of experienced and expert IT industry veterans. We have automated the entire process of identifying you, engaging you, and letting us take care of getting you paid promptly.

We know how to match up the right professional with each service requirement. We also help you obtain the training you want to expand your own portfolio of services you can deliver and provide supplemental benefit programs you need for your family. We make your freelance career easier to manage.

Show Me How!


To get started just pick up the phone and dial 302-691-9130 or visit us at Why Become a TDX Pro. Tell us about you, your portfolio of services, your experience, your certifications, and where you want to grow next. Team up with Techadox and increase your available billable hours to-the-max.

The TDX Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.

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