This year has been pretty bad. Ok, we admit it, it has been downright horrific. Maybe all of us here at Techadox, your connection for the top talent in the contingent workforce, are just optimists, but from where we sit not absolutely everything about 2020 has been bad. 

In particular, we are thinking about the impact of the pandemic on the annual holiday office party. 

The Evolution of the Office Christmas Party

In our humble opinion, this yearly trial was due for a shake up and it is definitely getting one, courtesy of Covid-19. In an era when people spent most of their working lives with one company, it may have been something that people looked forward to, but that is not the world we live in anymore.  

At many companies, the annual holiday bash has turned into an occasion when people who barely know each other and have very little in common aside from the corporate name on their paycheck are forced to come together and socialize in a “holiday outfit” (holiday attire is a whole other topic, for another day). 

This year, because of the surging number of cases of Covid-19, we are being urged by the CDC to avoid large family gatherings. If we can’t get together with our nearest and dearest, we obviously are not going to get together with people you may have seen in the halls at work, but you are not really sure what they do.  

And now, with the increasing number of gig workers and the increasing importance of contingent labor, the limitations of the traditional holiday party are being further strained. 

The New York Times is talking about Getting Creative for the 2020 Office Holiday Party and the folks at NPR are advising us on How To Have An Office Holiday Party In The Pandemic.  Slate has some suggestions for Pandemic office holiday party ideas, too.

However you and your company decide to celebrate the holidays this year, all of us at Techadox and our tech support TDX pros wish you a very happy and healthy holiday.