Eventually, just about every technology professional considers launching out on his or her own as an independent contractor by hiring themselves out to multiple clients instead of just a single company. Part of the appeal is rooted in the desire for greater diversity in the type of work they get to do or a need for more control over their income or the dream of not having a “boss”. Counterbalance these entrepreneurial aspirations with the need for security and consistency and you are left with a conundrum. Or are you?

Who says you cannot have it all? We’ve seen that disproven by multiple people who have figured out how to balance an enjoyable, meaningful career with a fulfilled life that includes family, leisure, contribution to community, and more.

For those who have pursued a career in information technology (IT) the balance is more complex. In a perfect world, IT professionals want ongoing career and skills development, challenging assignments, excellent compensation opportunities, health and related benefits, and yet still crave more control over their own destiny. For them, taking employment at a corporation or a service-provider gives them training opportunities, increasingly costly employee health benefits, a constant stream of assignments, but the tradeoff for those benefits is limited control over the direction of their career.

IT professionals who have pursued a career in information technology (IT) often crave more control over their own destiny than traditional employers can offer them.

Some IT professionals have made the leap to becoming independent contractors and successfully market their portfolio of skills to a variety of potential clients. This choice lacks the mentoring value of a manager, the group benefits available from a corporation, nor the funded skills training they crave. What these independent IT professionals do enjoy is the opportunity to truly diversify their client-base, determine their own schedule, and the freedom to turn down work when circumstances demand it. They can focus on what they do best and hone their skills to do even better.

The Need for Another You


Those transitioning to freelancing fail to consider is how much they will need to split themselves in two. Where all the work assignments previously came from the company that employed them, an independent IT professional must now spend a large part of their time seeking new engagements. Some opted out of the opportunity to freelance because they didn’t see themselves as salespeople. However successful freelancers realize the need is about relationship-building skills more than “salesy” abilities and some even come to enjoy this process. Still, building those relationships and obtaining new assignments takes time, and that time is taken from billable hours which limits their opportunity to earn. They literally need to duplicate themselves to spend enough time marketing themselves and enough time billing themselves out.

Finding a Supportive Community


Many companies have sprung up over the years that provide referral services. They supply your resume, your CV, and other documentation for anyone who requests referrals. As such, they are little more than resume-mills. Others post your information on a website that prospective hiring managers can review and then connect with you. That moves the ball a bit further down the field for you.

More recently, communities have emerged that are designed to support independent contractors with many of the advantages they enjoyed when employed. Group health benefits, including health, dental, vision, and more. Leaders in the community management group serve as mentors, supervisors, and escalation resources. Focused training opportunities to expand your skills into new opportunities with emerging technologies. Platforms that offer work opportunities can fulfill the sales function for the contractor.

Techadox was created to provide these advantages to independent IT technicians (whom we call TDX Pros) who want to market their portfolio of skills to a wider range of potential customers but just don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. Yes, we maintain a database of skilled professionals but that’s not the front-line of our approach. Providing contingent personnel is all about people working with people, so our requestor-clients work closely with the Techadox staff, using the TDX platform as a tool to help identify the best possible TDX Pros for each assignment rapidly and accurately.

How Techadox Works with You


Techadox reduces the time you invest in marketing yourself by doing much of that for you. We also manage the compensation processes to minimize the time you must invest in accounting and bookkeeping.

When choosing to work with Techadox, our recruitment specialists will work with you to tackle challenges, identify growth paths, determine what training you’ll need to go in the direction you wish to pursue. You become part of a community that shares ideas, experiences and best practices.

When a client hires you through Techadox we track the entire progress of the engagement, keeping your client informed on your progress every step of the way. We also work closely with you to assure that all work-order paperwork is properly prepared, all expenses are billed and paid, and that everything runs smoothly.

While this sounds similar to life when you were employed full-time, you still maintain complete independence. You pick and choose which assignments you want to accept. You may seek engagements through other avenues if you still feel you need to. The only thing you are beholden to are the agreements you accept to provide specific services to specific customers with specific parameters, just as you would if you had located the opportunity yourself.

Become a TDX Pro Today


To enable us to represent you effectively, Techadox gets to know you as we can. We document all of your certifications and other credentials. We then walk beside you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and our client. We handle all record-keeping and get you paid quickly from an account we maintain with each client that they keep adequately funded to enable constant rapid response and fulfillment for each project.

The best way to learn more about Techadox is to get to know us. Let us be your booking agency. Talk to a Techadox expert today.

The TDX Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.

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