Have you ever wondered why that freelancer developer friend or family of yours looks so content, has time for everything, and is paying bills on time? 

Welcome to the future of work – freelancer work. Gone are these when being a freelancer was considered a sign of skill inadequacy, incompetency, and insufficient pay. 

Presently, the number of freelancer workers is going to beat in-office workers any time soon. Have doubts? Well, we present you top 5 freelancer working statistics that will help you understand the gravity of this workforce model. 

#1 – Freelancer workers are beating the hourly earnings of 70% of the US workforce

This is certainly attention-worthy as we all work to make money. Gladly, a freelancer in the US is likely to earn more than a full-time worker. As per Teamstage, a full-time US worker earns a median salary of $18.80 per hour while a freelancer is making a handsome $20 per hour from the comfort of his/her home.

It’s because gig workers are found to be more productive.

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#2 – With an estimation of $1.2 trillion value, the freelancer industry accounts for 5% of US GDP

Upwork recently revealed that freelancers can’t be overlooked as they are playing a crucial role in the US and global economic growth. Presently, the US freelancer market is at $1.2 trillion worth is projected to have positive growth in the upcoming time. 

That’s not the end of it. In fact, it’s the beginning. Freelance worker companies are going into in mainstream as the market is anticipated to experience a 15.9% CAGR by the end of 2025 and experience a hike of $2.2 billion. 

As compared to 2019, the average freelancer earning has increased by 22%. This means that becoming a freelancer means being a part of a growing industry and having great market demand. 

#3 – Upwork have over 12 million registered employers or clients

This is a sign that freelancers are in demand and employers are looking for skilled freelancers via an online platform. The platform features more than 100,000 freelancer jobs related to diverse skills. 

#4 – More than 30% of Fortune 500 companies hire freelancers 

When top guns of the industry are hiring freelancers, it’s most likely that a freelancer worker California or any other place will work with brands. Freelancer work is now not limited to start-ups or small stints. 

#5 – By 2027, around 60% of the US workforce will work as freelancers 

Being a freelancer is the future and will help you thrive in tough competition. 

The above stats are enough to make you understand freelancing is the future and it’s high time you should become a part of it. So, join reputed freelance worker companies and kick start a promising journey.