As part of the CompTIA Tech Services Success Podcast Services, Techadox’s SVP of Sale and Marketing,  Susan Krautbauer interviews the Kathy Kacher, President of Career/Life Alliance Services and The SmartWorkplace, on “Attracting the New Collar Worker”.

Kathy Kacher, Career/Life Alliance Services

In this episode of Technology Services Success, Kathy Kacher of Career/Life Alliance Services talks with Technology Lifecycle Services Community (TLS) vice chair Sue Krautbauer about strategies to attract the new collar worker and why flexibility is the key to everything you do — including qualifying your candidates, stepping away from FTE and flexing for people for who’d rather work weekends.

Kathy Kacher is the award-winning creator of a work-from-home software that helps people manage remote workers. As the founder of Career/Life Alliance Services, Kacher goes deep to talk about her experience managing remote teams and offers tips on how to stay in touch with your people and keep projects on track, even if you’re in different time zones.

Strategies to attract the new collar worker and why flexibility is the key to everything you!

The conversation also covers the 151,000 positions currently open in technology and how to address the workforce gap. Listen for ideas on how to bring people into the industry, and make sure those opportunities cross a broad spectrum of groups. “What we have found and are becoming laser focused on is bringing young men and women into tech,” Kacher said.

Stay tuned to the end for a special word of wisdom for managers of MSPs, plus tips for people just starting their technology careers.

To listen to the podcast, click here. 


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