Why it is Really Important to “Fix the Customer First”

When managing your relationship with a customer, it’s easier to transform the things you “should” do into the things you “must” do when you remember this simple fact – nothing else happens without them.

The Importance of Cross-Platform Training

The trick to increasing your intrinsic value in today’s IT environment is “The more you know, the more you’re worth.”

Enjoy the Advantages of Employment Without Taking a Full Time Job

Who says you cannot have it all? Just about every technology professional has considered launching out on their own as an independent contractor. Counterbalance these entrepreneurial aspirations with the need for security and consistency and you are left with a conundrum. Or are you?

Potential Risks to Avoid When Using On-Demand Professionals

You know the advantages of using On-Demand Professionals. But do you fully understand risks associated with outsourcing and how to effectively mitigate those risks?

Attracting the New Collar Worker – Podcast

Learn strategies on how to attract “The New Collar Worker” and discover why flexibility is the key to everything you do — including qualifying your candidates, stepping away from FTE and flexing for people for who’d rather work weekends! Susan Krautbauer, Techadox’s SVP of Sale and Marketing, interviews Kathy Kacher, President of Career/Life Alliance Services.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

It’s important to measure and evaluate service metrics when utilizing on-demand professionals for IT service dispatch calls so that you can repeatedly engage the best professionals available, thus ensuring that your customers are up and running as soon as possible.

Maximize Your Professional Services Profitability: Know Your Costs!

Calculating professional services profitability is a mix of art and science. Learn the importance of making sure you know ALL your costs and apply them properly to your profit calculations.

Key to More Engagements – Define What You Do

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that people know and understand exactly what it is you do. You’ll achieve better results when you can provide written definitions of your service and a clear understanding of the business value that you deliver.

Why You Want to Negotiate the Rate

There are only two ways to increase profit. One is to increase revenue, and the other is to reduce costs. When engaging On-Demand Professionals, how you negotiate their rate significantly impacts both the overall cost of your project and the extent to which you may have to monitor the quality of the work performed. Learn more about how to maintain that balance in which everybody wins; you, your On-Demand Professionals people, and your customers!

Using On-Demand Professionals to Help You Scale Painlessly

There are many events that can bring about the opportunity to scale. A major contract. A new project. Mergers and acquisitions. Often, managing the cost and complexity of scaling can hamper the full realization of the opportunity. Leveraging a on-demand, non-employee workforce can help you conquer those limitations