Who Is the Ultimate Gig Worker?

In addition to IT specialists and tech support, artists are among the most likely to be gig workers. In fact, throughout history, you could say that artists have made up a contingent workforce.  Today, professional visual artists work on commission or sell their creations through galleries, art shows or online platforms. There are some actors… Continue reading Who Is the Ultimate Gig Worker?

Top Industries for Gig Workers

It seems like whenever there is an article about gig workers in the media, the examples given rarely rise above the level of Uber drivers and delivery services. When Shelly Steward wrote about five myths about the gig economy for the Washington Post earlier this year, she painted the picture this way: “Shelter-in-place orders in… Continue reading Top Industries for Gig Workers

Gig Workers Projected to Reach 43% of Workforce in 2020

If you think gig workers are a fad, it might be time to think again. Based on research being done, contingent labor is here to stay.  In May, the financial website Fortunly compiled some interesting statistics related to the gig economy.   They reported on findings from Prudential that show “48% of millennials use gig economy… Continue reading Gig Workers Projected to Reach 43% of Workforce in 2020

The Importance of Cross-Platform Training

The trick to increasing your intrinsic value in today’s IT environment is “The more you know, the more you’re worth.”

Enjoy the Advantages of Employment Without Taking a Full Time Job

Who says you cannot have it all? Just about every technology professional has considered launching out on their own as an independent contractor. Counterbalance these entrepreneurial aspirations with the need for security and consistency and you are left with a conundrum. Or are you?

Preparing a Winning Online Profile for Yourself

Companies don’t engage you for you. They engage you for what you can do for them. Successful freelancing only works when individuals and companies can connect easily and quickly. Learn why your online profile isn’t simply a resume, it’s a key marketing tool.

Potential Risks to Avoid When Using On-Demand Professionals

You know the advantages of using On-Demand Professionals. But do you fully understand risks associated with outsourcing and how to effectively mitigate those risks?

Attracting the New Collar Worker – Podcast

Learn strategies on how to attract “The New Collar Worker” and discover why flexibility is the key to everything you do — including qualifying your candidates, stepping away from FTE and flexing for people for who’d rather work weekends! Susan Krautbauer, Techadox’s SVP of Sale and Marketing, interviews Kathy Kacher, President of Career/Life Alliance Services.