It seems like whenever there is an article about gig workers in the media, the examples given rarely rise above the level of Uber drivers and delivery services.

When Shelly Steward wrote about five myths about the gig economy for the Washington Post earlier this year, she painted the picture this way: “Shelter-in-place orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic have increased public awareness and scrutiny of the gig economy — from the DoorDash drivers who drop off ramen, to the Instacart shoppers who buy groceries, to the Amazon Flex drivers who deliver packages. But many other kinds of laborers — including domestic and agricultural workers, temp agency workers, and freelancers — also piece together short-term jobs.” 

We would like to suggest adding a sixth myth to her list: Gig workers work in what most people would consider dead-end jobs or side hustles. 

What Gig Workers Are Actually Doing

“Gigs are more likely in some occupations than in others. Work that involves a single task, such as writing a business plan, lends itself well to this type of arrangement,” the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says. 

Among the industries in which the BLS says gig work may be increasingly relevant are: 

  • Arts and design, including musicians. actors and graphic artists
  • Computer and information technology, including software developers, computer programmers and IT specialists
  • Construction and extraction, including tradespeople like plumbers, electricians and painters 
  • Media and communications, including freelance writers, photographers, art directors and translators
  • Transportation and material moving, this is where you would find those Uber drivers and Door Dash delivery folks, but it could also include long haul truck drivers and logistics specialists.

You will find many highly skilled professionals in the contingent workforce, including IT specialists, field service executives and field service technicians, that can help you overcome resource limitations, complete critical projects, and enhance your service delivery performance.