About Techadox

We Know the Service Business

Our entire team has lived on your side of the equation. Whether you are an individual technician or a service provider organization, we fully understand your drivers, your concerns, and what keeps you up at night. With greater than 50+ years of experience in service, we know how service should be delivered and what our network providers need to ensure a successful service event for both the customer and the technician. Our focus is to engage service professionals that are as fanatical as we are about delivering a quality customer experience.
Techadox has taken the time to attract top talent from all over the country so we can make them available to you. We know how easily you can get buried under day-to-day tasks, which is why we’ve designed a system which puts that burden on us, not you.

Our Philosophy

If your frustration with other online provider marketplaces or traditional staffing suppliers has ever left you talking about how you would do it if you were in their place, then you know what drove us to create Techadox. Just like you, we found ourselves saying exactly that. Then we listened to our own advice. Then we acted.
Don’t wait for your next field service requirement to arise. Get to know Techadox now. Let’s talk and get to know each other. Let’s discuss how Techadox makes it easier for professionals just like you to get the job done the way you want and need it done.
You’ll never waste another minute on a solely-automated interface ever again.

Our Leadership

The Techadox team has years of hands-on experience in Contingent Labor, Desktop Engineering, Networking, Project and Infrastructure Management, Network Management, Service Supply Chain & Logistics, IT Certification & Training, and OEM Warranty Support. We have vast experience in the execution of service and support organizations for the high tech industry.
We have vast experience in the execution of service and support organizations for the high tech industry. We focus on providing a premium total customer experience by fusing the flexibility in our proprietary online tools with seasoned service staff, resulting in a predictable and consistent experience for our customers.
Our leadership team is hands on and fully engaged to insure the finest quality of customer experience at a competitive price, thus we provide a strong value proposition to both our customers and our highly skilled technical contractors.

Meet Our Experts

Our team of seasoned advisors and executives are driven to enhance business performance and improve people’s lives.

Kyle Buzzard

Vice President, Client Services
Experience across a variety of high tech & media industries including launch of US's 1.5G wireless network. A creative executive focused on horizontal and vertical market expansion and customer service, support and satisfaction.

Robert Hausman

Advisor - Operations, Development
35 years of executive-level leadership experience in global IT professional services and e-commerce. Expertise increasing organizational productivity, improving profitability, and accelerating cash flow in both profitable and challenging business environments.

Susan J. Krautbauer

Advisor - Sales and Marketing
Global service executive experienced in global supply chain logistics, compliance, marketing, sales, field service technical delivery. Expertise in product development, demand generation, branding, GTM strategy. Susan also is involved in industry podcasts, blogs and is a requested speaker/panelist at IT and Workforce focused events and conferences.

Angel L. Pineiro, Jr.

Advisor - Delivery, Workforce
An experienced, highly credible hands-on IT service executive IT Executive widely known as an industry expert with superior skills in solving complex service and business problems. Deep understanding of service logistics, financials, cost control, personnel advancement, and the information technology industry, Angel is frequently invited to serve as a speaker and panelist at IT Forums throughout North America.
Schedules maintenance or emergency services, we'll get the job done correctly, efficiently, and on-time.
We can promptly provide creative solutions to solving any kind of your financial & business issues.
With the strongest portfolio of independent professionals, experts & MSPs in the field, our network is the best in the world.

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