In-Demand Talent
The only labor marketplace that is designed
BY Service Professionals FOR Service Professionals
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The alternative workforce: It’s now mainstream.

Experience the TDX Marketplace

Skilled Technicians at Direct Market Rates
On-demand access to top tier technical talent
Insights and data ticket status, spend, call resolution
Best-in-Class vetting, certifications and process compliance

On-Demand Field Service YOUR Way

Different field service projects have different requirements. Now you have a choice!
TDX Pros (Technicians)
Sign up as a TDX Pro to advance your career, control your schedule, and get rewarded for high-quality, meaningful work.
TDX Talent (Self-Service)
Locate a TDX Pro technician with the skills, certifications and expertise that match your service event requirements.
TDX Ticket (Coordinated Service)
When you simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to track and coordinate service delivery
TDX Project (Project Management)
Every project is composed of many steps, many tasks that all contribute to a great completion. Techadox helps you scale flexibly to complete projects on time and under budget.

Our TDX Pro Network.

Our local footprint of vetted technical resources, operating under one set of service, business and invoicing standards through our TDX Platform, ensures that you are able to deliver the right resources in time to meet your customers’ service-level agreements.
As a result, we become an extension of your IT Services department by providing access to a robust network of IT skillsets, ensuring flexibility, consistency of service, commitment to processes and maintaining best-in-class certifications.
Techadox prides itself on having a Certified Partner Network that provides coverage around the globe, however North America is our home region.

The Techadox Difference